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A Crushing Thrill/Survival of the Fittest:
Chloe is wearing a sexy sheer teddy while lounging on the couch as she looks after Eva’s pet snails. She reads the snails what she believes are fairy tales, but soon finds out they are actually horror stories describing each snail’s ultimate death in excruciating detail! As Chloe continues to read she gets very excited, imagining the thrill of acting out these gruesome stories. She selects her first victim and places him on the floor as she slides her feet into a pair of bright blue strappy heels. She raises her foot above him and struggles with what to tell Eva about her missing pet snails. She quickly forgets about that and grinds his crunchy shell and slimy guts into the floor, leaving nothing but a wet mess and the remaining snails soon meet the same fate. She’ll just tell Eva they ran away! In the next segment, Chloe comes home to find the neighbor kid’s pet tarantula roaming her kitchen. She is wearing a sleeveless top and super short skirt to show off her powerful thighs. She uses a scale to measure the force the spider will feel as she grinds him with just one foot but her thighs are so powerful the scale doesn’t even register a number! She begins by lightly tormenting the tarantula with her white sandal to give him a taste of what is in store. He is still alive so she uses her powerful thighs to grind his body into the paper, feeling his legs crack under the pressure and leaving a bloody mess in her wake. Chloe has worked up an appetite so she grabs some giant oysters from her fridge. What better way to die than swimming in Chloe’s stomach acid! The next day, Chloe returns from eating some delicious veal and imagines how she would kill an animal with her bare hands and powerful thighs! She finally finds some disgusting crickets and crushes them to death between her powerful butt cheeks. 40 min.
Part 1: 7 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 2: 7 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 3: 6 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 4: 9 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 5: 10 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4