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Bikini Bash:
Experience the ultimate in sexual desire, as you enter the intimate backyard setting of the most alluring and sexually captivating crush goddess, Mistress Chloe. Immerse your ocular senses in the breathtaking, sexually elicit experience of witnessing the provocatively perfect body of Crush Goddess Chloe, veiled in only a slinky black two piece thong bikini and a pair of sexy black open toe platform heels. She is outside, sunbathing in her backyard while having a cigarette and talking on the phone. Suddenly, she notices that a disgusting, giant millipede has made it's way onto her patio. She walks over and begins slowly and seductively twist out the unwanted intruder. Soon after, she spots yet another unwelcome pest, and presses him flat against the pavement, as you get a close up floor level view of her sexy platform heels and her ravishing red tipped toenails. Thinking she has taken care of the problem, she continues her phone conversation, only to realize that her patio pavement has been invaded with creepy crunchy crawdads! Immediately, she gets to work, crushing their pathetic little bodies deep into the cracks and crevices of the patio pavement. Amongst the carnage, she notices a small spider, and can't help but to smear his tiny body under her sexy platform soles. She takes a seat and pours her drink over the last remaining crawdad then stands up and slowly squashes his guts out onto the floor. realizing that it's getting late, she heads inside to get ready for a night on the town. 30 min.
Part 1: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 2: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 3: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 4: 9 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4