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Paul's Shrunken Adventures

Kitty, Edie, Sienna and Diana

Her Divine Behind/Beautiful Behinds

Karma and Sunny

Pedal of Pain

Mistress Chloe

Camp Crush

Edie, Sienna and Betty

Bug Burial

Mistress Chloe

Getting Cranky in the Caddy/Deflated Drive

Alexis, Lily Rose and Madam X

Traveler's Tirade


Big Bossy Brat

Snowflake and Kendra

Soiled Soles/Dan's Death/As Flat as Possible/Defeating the Cheater

Jasmine, Mya, Sienna, Juliet, Chloe and Amber

Peeping Paul

Sinn and Lexi

Board to Death

Anna and Lexi

Sensual Sorority Sisters/Tickle Academy

Daisy, Mistress Chloe, Diana, Ginger and Violet Femme

Killer Chloe: The End/Chloe's Complete Control

Mistress Chloe

Done in by Daisy and Ivy

Daisy and Ivy

Snail Sitting with Ivy and Karma/Buttdropping Babes

Ivy, Karma and Snowflake

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