New Releases

Dirty Sock Crush/Brutal Boots/Spider Surprise

Bella, Eva, Piper, Sirena, Veronica, Sister Superior and Mistress Chloe

Growing Potion 2

Mistress Chloe

Cadillac Crisis/Lexi's Loud Car/Pretty on the Pedals

Diana, Lexi and Mistress Chloe

A Giant Appetite/Bite Me

Mistress Chloe, Ivy and Angelique

Toe Show with Diana/Amber's Seduction/Becoming her Boot/Kenzi's Cute Feet

Diana, Amber, Angelique and Kenzi

Foot Fanatic

Mistress Chloe and Male

Unstoppable Ivy/Butt Crushed by Bambi

Ivy and Bambi

Under Jasmine's Ass


Squashing the Rebellion

Midori, Mistress Chloe and Diana

Swallow Stories

Sinn, Diana, Mistress Chloe, Dylan, Kendra, Betty, Eva and Edie

Proving her Point/Bossy Boots/Superman's Secretary/Wine Colored Elegance

Mistress Chloe, Eva and Maxine

Going in for the Kill/Exhausted

Mya and Daisy

Squashed by the Sitter/Breast Reduction

Kendra and Angelique

Soles and Snails/Sole Show with Sienna

Diana and Sienna

Shoes Your Weapon

Mistress Chloe

Snowflake in Smell & Shrink


Pretty Predators

Angelique, Daisy, Ivy, Torrance, Camille, Snowflake and Mistress Chloe

Impossible to Escape/Dylan's Dream

Diana and Dylan

Blasted by Chloe

Mistress Chloe

Stool Pigeon


Divertidas Pies Cosquillas/Getting a Rise

Jenna, Sienna, Minx and Mistress Chloe

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