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Pantyhose Playtime With Jasmine:
Taylor has invited Jasmine to her first tickle party today. She admires Jasmine’s silky nude pantyhose as she fastens her ankles into the stocks. She begins to tickle Jasmine with a few strokes of her long fingernails between her stocking toes and Jasmine giggles uncontrollably while trying to squirm away. Her short black skirt hikes up and exposes Jasmine’s long lean legs so Taylor can hardly help herself and tickles the backs of her knees. She also uses a feather and finds the most ticklish part is on Jasmine’s soles. Now Jasmine can tell all her friends about how much fun being tickled in pantyhose can be. 30 min.
Part 1: 7 minutes / 480 x 360 MP4
Part 2: 8 minutes / 480 x 360 MP4
Part 3: 8 minutes / 480 x 360 MP4
Part 4: 9 minutes / 480 x 360 MP4