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The Forgetful Friend:
Naughty Natalie arrives at Chloe’s house. She forgot to pick up Chloe from the airport, and is hoping she will forgive her. Chloe seems to accept her apology and lets Natalie inside, but much to Natalie’s surprise, she is soon Chloe’s tickle captive! Chloe cuffs Natalie’s feet and wrists to the bed. Chloe wiggles her fingers into Natalie’s armpits and into her sides, making her scream with ticklish laughter. Chloe gets her all riled up, then removes Natalie’s sneakers and socks. Her feet squirm in ticklish anticipation! Chloe attacks the vulnerable toes and soles with her fingers and a feather duster. Natalie has had about all she can take. But Chloe is relentless. She ties her on her stomach and begins tickling her upper body, the back of her knees while Natalie begs for forgiveness. Chloe just gets nastier, bringing out the electric toothbrush! Natalie can barely keep it together. Natalie is then hog-tied and tormented even more by Chloe’s relentless fingers. The torture doesn't stop until Natalie is thoroughly exhausted! 35 min.
Part 1: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 2: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 3: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 4: 10 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4