Trample Videos

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Chloe Makes Her Mark

Mistress Chloe and trample slave

Chloe Conquers

Mistress Chloe and Josie

Tania's Trample Training

Mistress Chloe and Tania

Peanut Butter Payback

Mistress Chloe and Eva

Office Doormat

Mistress Chloe and Tania

Pudding Punishment

Mistress Chloe and Eva

Peanut Butter Payback Part 2

Mistress Chloe, Roxanne, and Eva

Toetally Defeeted

Mistress Chloe and Eva

Dominated by Diana

Diana and Tania

Learning the Hard Way

Eva and Tania

Backyard Bitches

Tania, Maliyah, and Diana

Naughty Chloe

Butter, Elexis and Mistress Chloe

Tomatoe Trample/Chloe Kicks Ass!

Mistress Chloe and slave

Tania's Tummy Torture

Mistress Chloe and Tania

NEVER Mess With a Cheerleader

Collette and slave

Belly Brutality

Mistress Chloe and Naughty Natalie

Mistress Maxine's Training

Maxine and Dahvia

Human Dance Floor

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend, and slave

Chloe's Footrest and Face Stand

Mistress Chloe and slave

High Powered Heels

Pedrianna, boyfriend and slave

Tummy Training

Mistress Chloe and Dylan

Spousal Abuse

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Blackmail Bitch

Maxine and Eva

Heavy Humiliation

Dylan, boyfriend and slave

Tummy Torture Slave

Mistress Chloe and Madeline

Racist Pig Payback

Tigris and slave


Diana, boyfriend and slave

Sasha and Ivy's Cigarette Servant

Sasha, Ivy and slave

Mr. Dance Floor

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Catfight/Mistress Maxine's Revenge

Mistress Chloe, Sabrina, Maxine and Rebecca

Stomping Slave Bob

Asia, Amber, Mistress Chloe, the Cuntessa, Dahvia, Diana, Dylan, Eva, Lily, Lola, Maxine, Mya, Naughty Natalie, Penny, Sabrina, Sasha, Sirena, Tania, Champagne, Ginger and Slave Bob

Hairdresser Humiliation

Sasha, boyfriend and slave

Sitting and Smashing

Sabrina, Dahvia, Jacqueline, Mistress Chloe, Eva and slave

Mr. Rug

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Sienna's Stomach Ache

Sienna and Mistress Chloe

Girl Next Door's Dance Floor

Mya, boyfriend and slave

Corporate Carpet


Snuffed Out/The Beaten Burglar

Skye, slave, Mistress Chloe and Mya

Worth the Weight

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Pounded by Pumps

Ivy, boyfriend and slave

Human Footstools/Deviant Dressmaker/Too Much Punishment Part 1

Persia, Annalise, Mistress Chloe, Sienna, Dylan and Maxine

Dancing on the Dork

Jacqueline, boyfriend and slave

Mashing the Mechanic

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Preserving the Office Environment

Mistress Chloe, Muffin and Olivia

Annalise Takes Charge

Annalise, Daisy and slave

Dance of Dominance

Annalise, boyfriend and slave

Breaking Eva

Mistress Chloe, Eva and CeCe

Cutting a Rug

Sister Superior, boyfriend and slave

Walked on Worker

Edie, boyfriend and slave


Sunny, ex-boyfriend and new boyfriend

Torturing the Twerp

Mya, boyfriend and slave

Supervising the Slave

Mistress Chloe, Sinn, Kendra and slave

Walking on the Wounded

Daisy, boyfriend and slave

Welcome Mat

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave


Mistress Chloe and slave

Smokebreak Slave/The Crook Gets Crushed/Judicial Execution/Sweet on her Feet

Mistress Chloe, Amber, and slaves

Mowed Down

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Chloe's Captive

Mistress Chloe and Diana

The Biggest Loser

Ivy, boyfriend and slave

In Control/Under Ivy's Feet

Mistress Chloe, Dylan, Bella, Ivy and slaves

The Dominating Duo

Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Floormat/Fantasy Footwork

Ivy, Lexi, slave and Mistress Chloe

Mistress Chloe's Executive Slave/Cop Killers

Mistress Chloe, Ivy, slave, Amber and Edie

School of Spanking/The Dedicated Doormat

Daisy, Mz. Amber, Mistress Chloe, boyfriend and slave

Trample Trouble 1

Mistress Chloe, Diana and slave

Trample Trouble 2

Mistress Chloe, Diana and slave

Trample Trouble 3

Mistress Chloe, Diana and slave

Trample Turn On/Dazed Damsel

Mistress Chloe, Olivia, boyfriend and slave

Trample Trouble 4

Mistress Chloe, Diana and Slave

Good for Nothing/Battle of the Bloodsuckers

Angelique, slave, Dylan, and Ginger

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