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Yin and Yang Driving Part 1:
Chloe tries on several pairs of black strappy high heels, finally deciding on a pair to wear out shopping that day. She heads out to the car as we watch from the passenger seat while she gets into the 1980 Honda Civic. She pumps on the clutch noticing the squeaking sound and figures this car hasn't been driven for a while as she starts it up and lays heavy on the gas pedal giving off a nice loud revving sound. Her feet expertly work the pedals with great views of her red polished toenails in her sexy strappy heels. Chloe's feet are getting very hot with all this pedal action and she feels the need to pull over and remove her shoes. Now she really wants to rev it and her bare feet aggressively lay on the gas as she pulls back onto the road. There is so much traffic Chloe is getting annoyed but it makes for lots of activity on the pedals between the gas, clutch and brake. She finally arrives at the mall and heads out for a day of shopping. When she comes back to the car Chloe starts right out with no shoes on at all. Her bare feet know what to do as she starts up the engine and revs on the gas. Another lively drive on the pedals as we gaze at Chloe's pretty feet and high arches doing all the work to get us back home. 40 min.
Part 1: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 2: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 3: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 4: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 5: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4