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Hot to Trot/Trampling the Tinies:
Giantess Angelique is wearing a cute polka dot skirt and has a magic gun that can turn her victims into anything she wants, and she is going to use it so she can have you all to herself. She has already turned Giantess Sinn in to a sexy pair of white pumps and is wearing them, or shall we say her, all around town. All other Goddess Giantesses should beware because Angelique is on a spree. You get many close-up POV shots of Angelique’s mouth, teeth, feet and legs as she carries out her revenge. Angelique pays a visit to Bella who is quickly turned in to an ankle bracket for her pleasure. Bella was lucky the first time and may not be so lucky the second time as she searches frantically in her white keds for something to protect her. You are finally turned into a toe ring for Giantess Angelique’s pleasure. You are lowly slime in the eyes of Angelique as she spits on you and leaves you to die. In the next segment we see Giantess Chloe dressed to destroy in a pleated mini skirt, black sweater, brown sheer pantyhose and gargantuan gladiator sandals. The town is on her turf, in her house and will be destroyed with her thunderous steps. You better run, but it won’t do you any good. Every last person and building is destroyed and stomped under her feet. 35 min.
Part 1: 7 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 2: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 3: 8 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4
Part 4: 10 minutes / 480 x 360   MP4